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Good Business Practice

In everything we do… from the companies we source, to the way we treat our customers AND our employees, we want our business practices to be above reproach.  And when we make money, we want to spend it well.  We will research best practices and continue to become better at what we do and how we do it.  We will do this by listening to you. 

Indian Women

Modern day slavery affects millions of people.  Although all forms of exploitation are deplorable, we believe that the sex trade is particularly evil.  Our supplier, Freeset,  provides an alternative to women to choose freedom from the sex trade and provides them with training and hope for recovery.  Freeset offers exploited women hope for a life beyond the pain that they have known.  



Good Material

We are blessed with a beautiful earth that can so richly supply for all the world’s people. We want to play our part to ensure that it can stay beautiful and vibrant.


When we source materials we want them to be of the highest standard. We want to make sure that the suppliers are being conscious of their environmental impact and they are producing in a manner that reflects that.

Social Re-investment

But why stop there?  Our company, Let Freedom Reign, wants to continue to make a difference.  So, with every project that we undertake, we want to give back generously to organizations that are doing the kind of good work that we believe in.  We call this Social Re-investment.

Cool Stuff

And we just want to make good stuff.  Stuff you need.  Stuff you will use.  Stuff that will get you excited and continue to make you happy.  This is our goal… and our promise to you.

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